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A Day of Fishing, Fun, & Family!

A family poses for a picture by the lake at Reel Connection 2022.

Reel Connection 2022 Recap

A couple poses with a fish at Reel Connection 2022.

Cancer patients, caregivers, and survivors kept it “reel” at Reel Connection. We relaxed by the lake at YMCA Camp Carter and caught a lot of fish!

A father and his daughter fish at Reel Connection 2022.

Reel Connection is a family-friendly Connect Event hosted by Cancer Care Services. Individuals and families impacted by cancer are invited to spend the day fishing, relaxing, and connecting with others!

A volunteer helps a young man at Reel Connection 2022.

Reel Connection is often the first time kids in the family learn how to fish! We are so thankful for the volunteers from the Dallas and Fort Worth District of the Texas Parks and Wildlife and Young Men’s Service League. They helped families set up their fishing spots and showed first-timers how to fish.

Three kids fish off the dock at Reel Connection 2022.

Reel Connection 2022 brought together families for a day of fishing, fun, and family!

If you or someone you know is interested in attending our Connect Events, please contact us at 817-921-0653 or fill out our online Get Help form.

Local Community Screening Offers Resources

Carlene and James attend a community screening.

July 2022 Community Screening Connects Attendees with Local Health Resources

Will you celebrate the incredible efforts of our community outreach team with us? Cancer Care Services hosted a community screening event at Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church that improved the health awareness and knowledge of more than 70 attendees!

Cancer Care Services and The Black Heart Association partner at a local community screening.
Photo Credit: Krys Williams Photography

Texas Health Resources performed ten mammograms and five well-woman exams. They also distributed two take-home colon cancer test kits. The Black Heart Association screened 32 individuals for diabetes, prostate cancer, potential heart disease, and full lipid panels. 

Thanks to our partnerships with Texas Health Resources and The Black Heart Association, a total of 46 people received medical care and screenings through our partnerships! Two individuals were advised to see a specialist for further testing. Cancer Care Services organizes community screening events like these with the hope of helping people get diagnosed earlier, potentially saving lives.

A Cancer Care Services intern tells an attendee about the services available at the community screening event.
Photo Credit: Krys Williams Photography

Throughout the music and fun, our Community Health Workers tirelessly shared information about Cancer Care’s free services. Attendees at these community screenings receive vital health services and resources they may not have access to otherwise. 

If you belong to a community organization in Tarrant County, we want to partner with you! Please fill out our online form to connect with a community outreach team member.

P.S. Check out our events calendar for upcoming community screenings.

Camp Brings Help and Hope

Everyone posing for a picture at CampCARE 2022.

CampCARE 2022 Wrap Up

Seventy children experienced the magic of CampCARE this year! We expanded our age range to include teens up to 18 years old, and we adored the new faces that joined us! Even though the 100-degree weather beat on, our camp leaders guided the groups through their activities with enthusiasm and joy.

And many activities there were! Campers went horseback riding, fishing, canoeing, swimming, hiking, and made lots of crafts. They challenged themselves on the ropes course – and rounded out their week with yoga, cooking, and music! Most importantly, each day featured healing time to share feelings and fears, and learn coping skills from our two staff therapists. CampCARE provided a well-rounded week of fun, friends, and emotional support – for free.

During a highs and lows session, one camper said, “My high is coming to camp, and my low is leaving camp!”

CampCARE Stories of Hope

A TV star is born! Grayson shared his story with CBS. He is a young caregiver to his mom, who was diagnosed with cancer.

“A couple years ago, I was told really bad news that my mom had cancer. Every time she needed something, I was like ‘on it.’ I get to do fun activites [at camp] like climbing a big rope course, swimming, and hanging out with friends.”

For Grayson, CampCARE meant he could meet others who have also been touched by cancer in their families.

Sanaa climbed to the top of the Alpine Tower and didn’t lose her smile once! She has been a caregiver for her mom, who was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Sanna climbing the apline tower at CampCARE 2022.
Sanna climbing the alpine tower.

“I really like the fishing – it was very relaxing and therapeutic – and having group time, so we remember why we’re here. We’re here because of how cancer has affected all of us, and I think that is very special.”

Sanaa’s mom was grateful her children got to enjoy a free summer camp after the family endured a financial hit at the beginning of her cancer journey.

Leo and his cousin particpate in yoga at CampCARE 2022.
Leo (left) and Hays (right) participate in yoga.

Leo’s life was already forever changed by the pandemic. But when his little sister, Lucy, was diagnosed with cancer, he became even more isolated from his friends and family to protect her. Leo, Lucy, and their two cousins, Hays and Samuel, were all close, so their isolation from each other was difficult.

Leo, Hays, and Samuel became the dynamic trio at camp! Lucy even came out during crafts to spend time with her brother and cousins, who were so excited to have their crew back together. Hays said he had the best week ever with his cousin! Leo, Hays, and Samuel also found the space to cope with Lucy’s diagnosis and what that means for them.

No child should cope with cancer alone

Young children, siblings, and cousins can feel lost in the shuffle of a familial cancer diagnosis, so CampCARE is an opportunity for them to feel heard and ask questions about cancer. Our counselors and staff help the kids understand and cope with their feelings, isolation, and fears. We want every kid to know they are not coping with cancer alone!

The magic of CampCARE will continue throughout the year with ClubCARE – a support group for young caregivers impacted by cancer. Campers can see the friends they made during camp and continue to learn more ways to cope with cancer.

Thank you to Sportsmen’s Club of Fort Worth for sponsoring CampCARE and making these special memories possible for our kiddos. And thank you to the many volunteers and staff for diving right in and ensuring another successful camp!

You can support programs like CampCARE and ClubCARE through monthly giving! Join the Hope Collective to ensure that no one has to cope with cancer alone.

Camp Gold 2022: Healing and Girl Power!

Camp Gold 2022 participants pose by the lake.

Young adult cancer patients and survivors had so much fun in the sun at Camp Gold 2022! This year was magical and full of girl power!

What is Camp Gold?

Camp Gold is an AYA (Young Adult & Adolescent) retreat hosted by Rutledge Cancer Foundation and Cancer Care Services at YMCA Camp Carter. Camp Gold promotes healing through camp activities like the challenge course, meditation, and games. The campers often forge new and lasting friendships so that no one has to cope with cancer alone.

Meet our Camp Gold 2022 participants:

Toni in the lake at Camp Gold 2022.
Toni in the lake at Camp Gold 2022.

Toni soaked in everything Camp Gold! She did it all and saw it all. Toni candidly shared her cancer journey with her peers and bonded with the soon-to-be tight-knit group. Toni made it about halfway through the challenge course during her first attempt, but she wasn’t ready to stop there. On just her second attempt, Toni climbed to the top of the tower! Toni had chemo treatment the week before and surgery to remove a very large tumor in February, so this feat was a tremendous victory celebrated by all!

Tiara and Vanessa posing with their canoe paddles at Camp Gold 2022.
Tiara and Vanessa posing with their canoe paddles.

Tiara, a cancer patient, and her friend Vanessa were the dynamic duo at Camp Gold! Vanessa accompanies Tiara to her appointments, so she cherished the opportunity to learn more about her friend and ways to support her. The honest conversations from the campers helped Tiara feel comfortable opening up during group time. Everyone had the chance to support and be supported by others who had been touched by cancer. Vanessa and Tiara also tried their first s’more at camp! How tasty!

That’s a Wrap!

We are so proud of the girls for embracing the fun and challenges of Camp Gold, but more importantly, each other. Thank you to all the donors, volunteers, and staff for making this retreat possible! Because of your generous hearts, young adult cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers now have incredible friendships and memories.

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