Month: April 2023

Darion’s Story

Darion and his daughter, mentioned in Darion's Story, take a seflie.

Darion’s Story of Hope Transcript:

My diagnosis with cancer was a big shock cause actually I was preparing to go on a cruise. So, I went on and went to this health club and they did a lab work on me. And they took three samples, and the first two came out really good. Then that third one, my doctor just said, “Your white blood cells are going off the chart here. We need to go and look at this further.” And that was pretty much when that happened with the cancer.

The young lady that I took to my 1978 prom, we were at Texas Oncology and we kept staring at each other, but not staring at each other cause we kinda knew who we were, but we didn’t know. And come find out, that was my friend, Ms. Eunice Baker. She introduced me to the Cancer Care, and it was so many other areas of that–that– that really just reached out with me.

Cancer Care has a Perry Mason, it’s in the body of Ms. Tamika. And she would sit back there and just dissect everything. She’d say, “Mr. Fields let me see your bills and this right here.” And it comes up that she navigated this whole system to where they actually found faults, the insurance. And I was actually almost like paying three policies.

She said, “Well this needs to be taken care of immediately. He’s not being able to get his insurance. He’s not being able to get prescriptions. And he has a daughter that is not covered because of the, you know, the neglect of what’s going on here.” But she was really great and looking at what I was going through personally with finances, something that I could get and have that would be affordable.

Everybody is friendly, and the first thing they say is, “How are you doing Mr. Fields? How was that weekend, or how was the holiday?” There was a couple of times I had to say I was pretty much homeless, and they went to bat. I mean, they came up and got me shelter and lots of things like that. I mean, things that you don’t even think about asking, they seemed like well, we need to check because if he–does he have food? Is he okay? What’s going on with his doctors? Are you staying in contact?

I really think it’s more than medicine when you’re on the road to recovering from cancer, and Cancer Care is a big part of that.

Hope, in my opinion, is when you have a great family, and I call Cancer Care my family.

Transcribed by: Christina R.

Introducing our 2023 Volunteer of the Month!

Jackie Gibbons poses with flowers for National Volunteer Month.

It’s National Volunteer Month, and we’re celebrating with a special recognition of Jackie Gibbons – volunteer extraordinaire and Cancer Care board member! You may have seen Jackie welcoming clients with a smile, heard her bring hope to a cancer patient on a phone call, or even eaten one of her delicious cookies at our events.

Jackie Gibbons poses with flowers for National Volunteer Month.

Jackie has shared her insight about volunteering at Cancer Care Services:

  • Tell us about yourself:

 I’m a mom of 2 high schoolers, a boy and a girl. I have been married for almost 19 years. I have 2 dogs, and I love to take them for walks/hikes. I love to bake.

  • What brought you to Cancer Care Services as a volunteer?

I wanted to do more than just donate money to the organization. I wanted to donate my time. I believe in the mission and don’t think that anyone should go through cancer alone.

  • What is your favorite thing about volunteering with Cancer Care Services?

Interacting with clients and seeing the changes in their lives that the services are providing. 

  • What has been one of your most memorable moments volunteering with Cancer Care Services?

During one of the luncheons, a speaker had the guests stand up based on their experience with cancer (personally going through it, a caregiver, a family member, a friend, etc.). There was not a single person left sitting when he was done. Cancer affects everyone.

  • How has your experience with cancer impacted your volunteering?

Every client that walks through the door, or calls on the phone, would probably prefer to be doing anything else. Nobody wants to deal with cancer, so when I am volunteering, I want to make sure the client feels special.

  • What would you say to someone who is thinking about volunteering with Cancer Care Services?

Donating time can be as much or minimal as you want. But seeing what Cancer Care Services can do for our community makes it so rewarding.

And to all our wonderful volunteers – the Cancer Care staff have some words of gratitude for all that you do year-round!

“Volunteers are the lifeblood that keep non-profits running and moving forward. All the things you do make it easier for us to spend time with the clients, and we couldn’t do it without you! Thank you!”

– Amy Laude, LBSW | Clinic Social Worker

“Thank you for your commitment to Cancer Care Services and our clients. You are often helping behind the scenes but your help does not go unnoticed. It is both seen and felt whether that’s covering the reception desk, assisting/donating to our Connect events, assisting in the infusion room at Texas Oncology, decorating our building for the Christmas season, or a number of other ways you fill in the gaps where we can’t. This week, we celebrate you but hope that you’ve felt our appreciation all year because we understand your service comes from the heart and not a paycheck. Thank you from the bottom of our heart.”

– Christi Jackson, LMSW | Clinic Social Work Manager

“I appreciate that the volunteers provide a needed refreshment for the front office staff, while also supporting the program team in directing calls and checking in on how we are doing. Their care for the clients is an encouragement to me also!”

– Joy Rong, LMSW | Community Social Worker

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Cancer Care could not serve the community without the hard work of our volunteers! If you would like to become a Cancer Care volunteer, fill out our Online Volunteer Application to start bringing help and hope to those impacted by cancer.

2022 Highlights and Impact

2022 was a big year for Cancer Care! Thanks to supporters, volunteers, and advocates like you – over 3,500 individuals impacted by cancer received financial, emotional, and practical support at no cost to them.

Service highlights of 2022:

  • 186,121 miles in transportation assistance to get to and from treatment
  • $371,000 in emergency funds and financial assistance
  • 47,649 action to help our clients lessen their financial burden

“I had a cancer patient who canceled all his appointments after finding out what his total cost was going to be. I was able to help find a lot of resources to cover those medical expenses so that he was comfortable rescheduling his cancer treatment without accumulating as much debt as he would have had.”

– Cancer Care’s Clinic Social Work Manager

Read Cancer Care’s 2022 Impact Report

Click here to discover how cancer patients, caregivers, and survivors received HELP & HOPE in 2022. Also, don’t forget to scan the QR Code on the second page to learn about the financial distress cancer often causes (or click to view the English version or the Spanish version)!

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