Month: November 2022

How does a financial advocate help cancer patients?

A woman stresses over medical bills of which a financial advocate can help her sort through.

From the Desk of our Financial Advocates

Did you know that cancer survivors reported spending more than 20% of their annual income on medical care? The financial distress from a cancer diagnosis is a heavy burden for many of our clients and their families. But there is hope! Our Financial Advocates answered a couple of questions on how they reduce financial distress for those impacted by cancer.

What is a financial advocate?

“A Financial Advocate provides guidance to help clients understand their insurance, medical bills, and financial situation and to alleviate or reduce their medical debt.”

How do you start the financial navigation process?

“The process begins with understanding the client’s backstory. Next, we gather all insurance information, go through the bills line by line, and create an action plan with the client. We will even step in as an authorized representative to talk to insurance companies on behalf of clients. We infuse financial literacy education throughout the process so that clients feel empowered to advocate for themselves.”

What does financial navigation look like for an uninsured client?

“First, we walk through their financial situation and look at alternative options for insurance, such as Medicaid. If they’re not eligible for insurance, we start applying for financial assistance and negotiating bills to reduce their financial burden.”


Financial distress from out-of-pocket cancer treatment costs increases the risk of death for individuals with cancer by 79%! Through our monthly giving club – The Hope Collective – you can support crucial programs like financial navigation that reduce the financial burden of cancer. Your help = hope!

When our Financial Advocates reduce the financial burden of cancer, they are reducing the overall trauma of cancer for patients, caregivers, and survivors. And like all of Cancer Care’s services, this personalized expertise is provided for FREE – because our donors care enough to make it FREE!