Month: August 2021

Inspiring Hope, Love, and Care

The client connection manager hugs one of the CampCARE campers.

CampCARE 2021

An incredibly brave and kind group of campers blessed us at CampCARE this year! Many campers experienced their first time catching a fish, riding a horse, and conquering the challenge course. Every child approached these experiences with enthusiasm and wonder, often surprising themselves with what they were capable of achieving.

New friends danced together, cheered each other on, and formed lasting bonds! And just as valuable as the friendships made were the skills learned during play therapy sessions held by Brianna, our child therapist. Brianna taught the campers ways to cope and share their emotions surrounding the cancer diagnosis of their loved one.

The children, volunteers, and staff brought the spirit of CampCARE to life through endless jokes, laughter, and SUPPORT. The last day of camp was full of bittersweet goodbyes… but there was also JOY because they will see their new friends again at Cancer Care!

Kaleigh and Aiden, two siblings whose mother is going through cancer treatment, made special connections with the other campers- and they learned healthy ways to process and express feelings with their mom. So CampCARE didn’t just change Kaleigh and Aiden’s lives, but their mother’s too. The family forged a new bond of HOPE and LOVE through learning how to cope TOGETHER.

Thank you to YMCA Camp Carter for providing a safe and fun environment for our clients, staff, and volunteers!

AND thank you to our amazing sponsors…

Blair Kay eats a cupcake at CampCare 2021.
CampCARE 2021

You Are Not Alone

Three boys embrace each other at CampCARE 2021. (Grief Counseling Specialist)

Meet Our Grief Counseling Specialist

Our staff always makes us proud with their achievements and passion! Recently, Annie Presley, LCSW, became a Certified Grief Counseling Specialist (CGCS). Wow! The Certified Grief Counselor Specialist Evergreen Certification covers counseling for grief and loss through all stages of life.

Annie gained her Master’s in Social Work in 2005, became a clinical social worker in 2015, and has worked for Cancer Care Services as a counselor for over 15 years. Because Cancer Care Services is here to help EVERYONE impacted by cancer – Annie helps patients, caregivers, and family members cope with the emotional trauma caused by cancer.

She believes it is important to continue learning, especially about grief, because it is present in everyone’s life in various forms. Annie creates a safe place in her counseling sessions so her clients will feel comfortable working through their anxiety, loneliness, crisis situations, or grief.  We are truly thankful to have staff like Annie, who are always looking for ways to better serve!

If you would like to receive counseling or other forms of support, please contact us at 817-923-0651 and ask to speak with a social worker email us at, or fill out our online form.