Month: August 2022

Local Community Screening Offers Resources

Carlene and James attend a community screening.

July 2022 Community Screening Connects Attendees with Local Health Resources

Will you celebrate the incredible efforts of our community outreach team with us? Cancer Care Services hosted a community screening event at Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church that improved the health awareness and knowledge of more than 70 attendees!

Cancer Care Services and The Black Heart Association partner at a local community screening.
Photo Credit: Krys Williams Photography

Texas Health Resources performed ten mammograms and five well-woman exams. They also distributed two take-home colon cancer test kits. The Black Heart Association screened 32 individuals for diabetes, prostate cancer, potential heart disease, and full lipid panels. 

Thanks to our partnerships with Texas Health Resources and The Black Heart Association, a total of 46 people received medical care and screenings through our partnerships! Two individuals were advised to see a specialist for further testing. Cancer Care Services organizes community screening events like these with the hope of helping people get diagnosed earlier, potentially saving lives.

A Cancer Care Services intern tells an attendee about the services available at the community screening event.
Photo Credit: Krys Williams Photography

Throughout the music and fun, our Community Health Workers tirelessly shared information about Cancer Care’s free services. Attendees at these community screenings receive vital health services and resources they may not have access to otherwise. 

If you belong to a community organization in Tarrant County, we want to partner with you! Please fill out our online form to connect with a community outreach team member.

P.S. Check out our events calendar for upcoming community screenings.