Month: January 2023

Mariel and Joey’s Story

The family from Mariel and Joey's story take a selfie on a hike.

Mariel and Joey’s Story of Hope Transcript:

Mariel (00:02:31)

So, on October the 12th, we went into the ER with Lucy, had a high fever for three days. She had been in– we had seen her pediatrician the day before and actually got a blood test. She was complaining about not being able to stand very long or walk very far. And within an hour of being at the Cook ER, they had the results from the blood test the day before.

Joey (03:03)

The attending physician comes in and tells us that the oncologist is coming to see us because our three-year-old daughter has cancer, has leukemia. And he wanted to let us know before the oncologist came, to give us a little heads up. That was very nice of him to do. When cancer came into our lives, everything shifted. I had just started a brand-new job, but Mariel’s role was to be caretaker, and it was very difficult, and she had to completely stop her business. That was very hard too, just saying the words that we couldn’t take new business because our daughter had cancer. It was scary.

So, while we’re in the hospital, a few days after diagnosis and treatment has already started, we get a packet. Probably about halfway through that packet was a service through Cancer Care for prescription medicine reimbursement program. And from there, it started our relationship with Cancer Care.

Mariel (04:21)

We were met with just so much warmth. We knew it was a great fit for us and for our family. We just immediately felt connected with everybody there at Cancer Care.

Joey (04:32)

And also, they were very interested in Leo, Lucy’s at the time five-year-old brother, to help him in the process as well. And that was very important to us because we were spending so much time with Lucy in the hospital that we were starting– we were very worried about our five-year-old and how he was processing the events. So, that was a big, big plus for us.

Mariel (04:58)

I don’t know that there’s anything out there that is as inclusive from both a standpoint of the range of offerings that they have. Those one-hour windows where the kids were at play therapy were definitely the only hour that I had away, literally, from Lucy. I would try to cram as much as I could, or I would chat with Rhea about life and just have an outlet and just a little bit of a boost. So, as much as those play therapy times were great for the kids, it was a good little breath of fresh air for me as well.

Joey (05:41)

So, hope to us is belief that tomorrow is gonna be better. And that’s easier said than done most days. We’ve had some really hard days, and finding hope was hard.

Transcribed by: Christina R.