Month: December 2019

From the Desk of Annie Presley

Annie Presley - Cancer Care Services' Adult Counselor

From the Desk of…

Annie Presley, LCSW, OSW-C

Cancer Care Services’ Adult Counselor and a Cancer Survivor

How do I begin to describe what Cancer Care Services means to me? Please allow me to start from the beginning.  My journey with Cancer Care started when I was a Master of Social Work Intern, 15 years ago. After graduating and obtaining my Master’s level license, I was offered a position.

I was thrilled to begin working with cancer patients, survivors, and their families as a cancer navigator – especially because I was working in a field very close to my heart. Not only did I have a brother who died from esophageal cancer in 1999, but I had battled breast cancer just two years prior to being hired at Cancer Care Services.

Then, during my first two months at Cancer Care, I started experiencing physical issues that were troubling. I went to my oncologist, and tests revealed Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I was hospitalized and began chemo right away. My supervisor kindly advocated for me to remain employed at Cancer Care Services, and even hired a social worker on a temporary basis to hold my position while I received treatment.

As someone who has experienced multiple cancer diagnoses, and who is now a survivor, I know all too well the financial burdens and family stressors that cancer causes. Despite cancer, I was able to continue my education and am now the full-time counselor for Cancer Care! Working here has been a calling since the beginning.

I have been blessed to know so many wonderful clients and friends throughout my 15-year career. I am proud to work for an agency that has been a part of Fort Worth for 73 years, and I know Cancer Care Services will continue this awesome work in Tarrant County for many years to come.