For 75 years...
1,000s of local cancer patients, caregivers, and survivors
have found support at Cancer Care Services.
We've been here for them...
because donors like you have been there for us.

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Bringing clients together to create connection
is key to our holistic care approach.

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Professional cancer navigators
support cancer patients, caregivers, and survivors
- regardless of age,
- at ZERO COST to the client.
Because no one should walk a cancer journey alone...

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Almost everyone knows someone who could use our help.

Cancer Care Services’ team provides caring, compassionate, and individualized support to each client. Our licensed social workers eagerly connect cancer patients, caregivers, and survivors with resources to meet their financial, emotional, and social needs in order to reduce the distress caused by cancer. These services are available, free of charge, to anyone living in Tarrant County – regardless of age, diagnosis, or stage of treatment.

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Research shows...

Cancer patients who receive navigation:

– have better treatment plan adherence

– find many barriers to treatment are removed

– are better able to manage their own lives.

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Asking for Help is Empowering

Many patients, caregivers, and survivors find that counseling can help them manage the complications that cancer presents in life. This is why we offer individual (all ages), couples and/or family counseling.
If you would like to make an appointment, please call us at 817-921-0653.