The cancer care team provides help & hope to cancer patients, caregivers, and survivors.

How the Cancer Care Team Brings Help & Hope

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How the Cancer Care Team Brings Help & Hope Transcript:

The Cancer Care team was asked how they have provided help and hope to our clients. Here is what they said…


I was able to assist by making sure that our client was able to reach all of his treatment and doctor’s appointments through transportation assistance. And after six weeks he was able to ring that bell for the last time.


I had a cancer patient who canceled all his appointments after finding out what his total cost was going to be. And so I was able to help find a lot of resources to cover those medical expenses so that he was comfortable rescheduling his cancer treatment and without accumulating as much debt as he would have had.

Megan H:

Last week when I got to sit with a father who had just lost his wife and he got to honor her memory by really conveying to the team how important she was.


This week I helped a caregiver who lives out of state get their elderly father to Multiple Myeloma treatments at a dialysis center here in Fort Worth.


It’s a pleasure to help Hispanic families affected with cancer with our services.

Megan C:

Getting to be the Camp Director and share these special memories with these kids and help them reduce their fear and anxiety of cancer is very impactful and very special.


I was in a grocery store recently and overheard a conversation with someone that was recently impacted by cancer and I was able to provide the referral form and get them signed up and get them connected with Cancer Care.


A client reached out to me because he was having a hard time navigating his insurance. I stood in as a Financial Navigator and made sure that he was able to maintain his insurance so he could continue his cancer treatments.


I strive to calm our patients’ fears about eating and nutrition which empowers that patient to look at food as a way to deal with symptoms from cancer treatment or even as a way to reduce the risk of future disease.


I’m grateful to offer a different perspective to clients who may otherwise not see a different alternative to their situation such as offering car payment assistance resources or rent assistance resources when they may not know where else to turn to.

Transcribed by: Marilyn Kepner

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