Meet our team.

Meet our team – the people who walk with you, care for you, and believe in you – every step of the way.  No one should cope with cancer alone, which is why we’re here, ready to hold your hand through it all.

Our staff

Amy Laude, LBSW

Clinic Social Worker
Amy has a special place in her heart for the rural counties where resources are more scarce. She wants to ease the burden and worry of a cancer diagnosis by finding those hidden resources so clients can focus on living life with a hopeful eye to the future.

Annie Presley, LCSW, OSW-C, CGCS

Social Worker & Caregiver Navigator
Annie became a Certified Grief Counseling Specialist through Evergreen Certification. The work she does at Cancer Care Services is in honor of her brother and mother who both passed from cancer. Annie is committed to assisting cancer clients and their families cope with cancer.

Bailey Reynolds, LMSW

Clinic Social Worker
Bailey's passion is people and supporting individuals and families along their cancer journey. She is a member of AMBUC International, Habitat for Humanity, and the Rho Phi Lambda National Honor Society. Bailey has received the International Leadership and Organizational Behavior Award and is TEFL Certified.

Becky Williams, MSW

Director of Donor Relations
Becky is a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals and National Association of Social Workers. After seeing firsthand the impact of cancer, it is important for Becky to help Cancer Care Services ensure that no one has to experience the many facets of cancer alone.

Brianna Silva, LPC

Clinical Director & Counselor
Brianna is a member of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing International Association (EMDRIA) and became a DFW Child Mom Approved Therapist in 2021. Brianna is committed to helping families navigate the cancer journey because she believes every family deserves healing. For Brianna, it is a gift to be a part of the healing process.

Carlene King, CHW-I

Community Health Worker Manager
Carlene is a board member of the DFW-CHW Association, a member of the Fort Worth Housing Solutions Family Self-Sufficiency Committee, and a recipient of the Doris Kupferle award. She is also a professional member of the National Association of Community Health Workers, National Association of Relators, and the Texas Association of Realtors. Carlene wants to help eliminate some of the stress of a cancer diagnosis for those in our underserved communities.

Cassie Harris, MPH, CHW

Community Health Worker
Cassie wants to be a conduit of help and hope, so community members have the opportunity to live healthy and happy lives. Cassie is a Community Health Worker and earned her Master of Public Health at Tulane University.

Christi Jackson, LMSW

Community Social Worker
Christi aspires to bring hope to anyone impacted by cancer through connecting clients to resources and ensuring that they are not alone on their journey. Christi recognizes that cancer impacts all ages, gender, races, and socioeconomic statuses – cancer doesn’t judge and neither do we!

Cynthia Moreno

Community Health Worker
Cynthia was diagnosed with cancer three times. She wants to provide hope for others, knowing how difficult it feels each time. Cynthia continues to support others while being surrounded by her amazing support system. She believes that no one should feel alone; we are one family. Cynthia is also a member of the National Association of Realtors and Texas Association of Realtors and is a certified Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource and Accredited Buyer's Representative.

Danni Howard

Data Coordinator
Danni joined Cancer Care Services with the goal to have a positive impact on the lives of others! Her work reveals how Cancer Care has helped those impacted by cancer.

Deanna Stuart

Vice President of Philanthropy
Cancer has directly impacted members of Deanna’s family, so she wants to make sure that no one has to go through cancer alone. A Cancer Care veteran since 2013, she leads the agency’s fundraising team. Philanthropic support of Cancer Care comes from a wide variety of local sources – generous individuals, foundations, corporations and supporting events.

Devyn Teague

Development Coordinator
Devyn knows that when someone you love has cancer, everything becomes overwhelming and it is difficult to always maintain hope. She joined Cancer Care Services in memory of her father, who passed from cancer, and seeks to spread awareness so that others know how Cancer Care can help.

Erinn Anderson, LMSW

Clinic Social Worker
Erinn finds that helping others who are facing a difficult time is fulfilling for the giver and the recipient. She is honored to be the giver for those that are needing help.

James Earl II, MPA, LBSW, CHW-I

Director of Outreach and Health Equity
James’s outreach team was recognized by the DFW-CHW Organization as organization of the year in 2021! James’s passion is people, so he is always seeking out innovative ways to reduce disparities and spread the awareness of Cancer Care Services.

Jane Pascual RD, LD

Registered Dietitian
Jane is passionate about providing support and being an advocate for those impacted by cancer.

Joseph Douglas, LBSW, MSW

Community and Clinic Social Worker
Joseph believes in helping people in need and restoring hope to distressed individuals is his calling. He considers it a high privilege to provide resources, empower, and provide a hand up to those feeling low in despair.

Joy Rong, LMSW

Community and Clinic Social Worker
Joy seeks to extend a hand of service to those in need in honor of those who did the same for her. Her work provides care and support for those impacted by cancer.

Kelly Key

Client Service Coordinator
Kelly understands the impact cancer has on families who are less fortunate. Her family's experience in México after being diagnosed with cancer and not having access to resources has been a big eye-opener. Kelly's goal at Cancer Care is to help every call she receives.

Kim Fulk

Finance Coordinator | Accounts Receivable
Kim strives to be part of the solution for cancer care and share a world of kindness. Her work ensures that Cancer Care Services can give cancer patients, caregivers, and survivors the support they need to cope with cancer.

Lisa Hall, RD, CSO, LD

Dietitian Manager & Registered Oncology Dietician
Lisa is a Certified Specialist in Oncology Nutrition, is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and was recognized as the Young Dietitian of the Year in 2009. She provides nutrition support to help ease the side effects from cancer treatment, reduce incidence and malnutrition, and provides guidance through treatment recovery. Lisa enjoys helping others and providing hope.

Margaritta Jackson, LBSW

Director of Programs
Margaritta seeks to reduce the impact of cancer on the resident of Tarrant County. She especially wants to ensure that the caregivers of those with cancer are acknowledged and empowered to self-care.

Maria Marquez, CHW

Community Health Worker
Maria's goal is to support the community by providing resources, education, and connection! As a Community Health Worker, she feels empowered to ensure that no one has to cope with cancer alone.

Megan Clifton, CHW

Director of Client Engagement
Megan is a professional member of the Make-A-Wish foundation of North Texas and was the 2019 Heart of Gold recipient from the Rutledge Cancer Foundation. Megan is a two time cancer survivor, and it is her goal in life to give back and work with the cancer community.

Melanie Lara Wilson, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Melanie Wilson

President & CEO
As a 2-time cancer survivor, Melanie brings a personal perspective to her role as CEO. She was also a caregiver for her husband and daughter during their cancer battles (her 21 year-old daughter succumbed to cancer in 2011). Since joining Cancer Care Services in 2010, the organization has expanded its free programs for cancer patients, caregivers, and survivors! Melanie was named a “Great Woman of Texas” by the Fort Worth Business Press – and is a member of Leadership Fort Worth, the Woman’s Club of Fort Worth, and the Baylor University Alumni Association.

Miguel Cruz, LMSW

Community Social Worker
Miguel has seen the needs of the people closest to him, especially in the Hispanic and Elder community. Growing up as the "go-between" for his parents and other adults, Miguel has grown to know the importance of information comprehension and meeting people where they are in their journey to success.

Najha Marshall, MPH, CHW

Health Equity Data Coordinator
Najha is passionate about improving the health outcomes of those in need through working on Cancer Care's Outreach Team. Najha is a Master of Public Health candidate currently studying at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.

Payton Fussell, LMSW

Clinic Social Worker
Cancer is not just a physical battle; it's an emotional, mental, and financial struggle for the individual diagnosed & their loved ones. Witnessing the strength and resilience of friends & family members who battled cancer ignited a passion within Payton to support others facing similar journeys. She offers a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on, and practical assistance to alleviate burdens. Payton strives to positively impact their overall well-being by connecting individuals with resources, advocating for their needs, or providing a comforting presence.

Precious Harris, BSN, CHW

Community Health Worker
Precious is an active member of her community through the Tarrant County Homeless Coalition and Cusine for Healing. She was also awarded the Fort Worth Hometown Hero Award. Precious wants to give hope to other cancer patients and survivors because where there is hope, there is life. Cancer Care gave her hope when she was at her lowest point, and now it is her passion to champion the quality of life for those impacted by cancer.

Rhea Jackson

Director of Community Engagement
Rhea spreads awareness and support for Cancer Care Services through networking, community involvement, and #CancerCareAWARE Mission Tours. The drive for everyone to know of Cancer Care and its services stems from family experiences with cancer. Rhea is on the WORTH Steering Committee, the Sub-Committee Chair for the Greater Arlington Chamber of Young Professionals, and a Board Member for Wheels for Wellness.

Sabrina Nentwich, NCC, LPC-Associate

Since joining the Cancer Care team, Sabrina has seen the impact cancer can have on every facet of life, especially on mental health. Sabrina's goal is to offer support, understanding, and empowerment to those who have been impacted. She is also a National Certified Counselor through the National Board of Certified Counselors.

Shawn Howard, LBSW

Client Program Manager
Shawn understands the anxiety that health problems and healthcare bills bring, so he finds it fulfilling to relieve the burden placed on those impacted by cancer. He supports each client's growth by providing resources and a listening ear. Shawn is a member of the National Association of Social Workers and the American Association of Notaries as a public notary in Texas. In 2019, Shawn received the NASW-Texoma Branch University of North Texas Student of the Year award!

Susan Smith

Director of Grants
Cancer has affected Susan in her own life and the lives of her loved ones, so she wholeheartedly believes that Help = Hope for those impacted by cancer. Susan graduated Magna Cum Laude from Texas Christian University from where she earned a BA and MA.

Tamika Chambers

Financial Advocate
Tamika provides financial navigation and empowers individuals in honor of her grandmother and best friend. She is passionate about reducing the financial burden and toxicity caused from a cancer diagnosis.

Todd Cooper

Vice President of Operations
Todd is a member of the Center for Non-Profit Management from which he has also earned his certification. He wants to make the world a better place even through small acts of kindness. He believes that by helping change just one person’s situation, that we can help them build a better life for themselves and their family.

Tracey Willingham, LMSW

Vice President of Client Programs
Tracey believes that no one should have to endure difficult moments alone. Every day, she is proud of how Cancer Care walks with others to reduce the impact of cancer.

Wendolyne Grice, BS, CHW

Program Manager
Wendolyne strives to help eliminate barriers and disparities in healthcare within the Hispanic communities. She seeks to provide hope and peace of mind to those undergoing the arduous cancer journey.


Helping you LIVE with cancer.