Month: March 2018

Pete’s Story

Pete's Story - Pete and his family.

Stories of Hope: Pete’s Story

What programs/activities did you use from Cancer Care Services?
I participated in the REEL fishing and the Christmas/ New Years’ dinner. I enjoyed the aromatherapy and use it to sleep. I have an interest in food prep, massage, stretching, and meditation.

How did you initially hear about Cancer Care Services?
They sent me an invite to the fishing event at the Boy Scouts camp.

Where would you be today without Cancer Care Services?
Well, probably the relationship with wife and daughter would be more difficult. I think it gave a bigger perspective on my family what I was going through and made us closer.

What was the best thing Cancer Care Services did/is doing for you?
Giving me a sense of gratitude and appreciation of other people caring about this disease and giving me hope.

When I was diagnosed it was a surreal experience. I thought at first “why me” since I was just getting recovered from a serious motorcycle accident on 2/8/15. I was in the hospital in ICU for 3 weeks and in the hospital for a month. I was off work for 3 months. Thank God I worked for a good company that paid me through this time and also donated money to offset my medical expense and I survived.

As I said “why me” and then I thought “why not me.” I think of all the young children that have had to endure this at the beginning of their lives that should be enjoying it but don’t have that opportunity and in many cases die from it. I had support from my wife and daughter and my co-workers. Also from friends and family.

I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer and the doctors and staff gave me a lot of support from Texas Oncology. I had a 12” section of my Colon removed and had to be hooked to an ileostomy bag for a year. I went through two terms of Chemotherapy 7 months total and radiation.

Not to mention the totally dead feeling I felt every day, The ill-feeling, the numbness on my hands and feet, my skin peeling, not being able to eat. I would get sores in my mouth so bad I could barely swallow. As soon as I came home from work I would go to bed. Yes, I worked through this whole time missing only 1 day. I thought it was the best thing I could do rather than lay in bed and feel depressed. There were days I could barely walk and the miserable times of draining and changing the ileostomy bag.

Everything involved with cancer I would not wish on anyone, and I have a new sense of compassion toward anyone who goes through it that are survivors and God’s grace for those who did not make it through but kept on fighting till the end. I lost my mother to this disease in December of last year and also four friends.

But for anyone that goes through this, I tell them don’t give up don’t ever give up. I have just gotten a clean bill of health two months ago and am currently cancer-free. So I will always have hope and strength to take on this disease and never stop fighting. So now I say “why me”, but “why not me.” So don’t stop believing.