Navigating The Journey Of Hope

Through the Journey of Hope Program, we support cancer patients, care for caregivers and empower survivors by teaching all clients to cope, thrive and connect to increase self-efficacy and quality of life.  Learn more at the following pages:


Do you know someone who may need help?

Cancer Care Services provides individualized help through a caring and compassionate team of trained staff and volunteers. Our licensed social workers are eager to connect cancer patients and their caregivers with helpful resources that are available to meet their financial, emotional, social and spiritual needs. These services are provided by Cancer Care Services at no cost, regardless of income. Emotional programs are available for all ages, including children. Some of our kid-focused programs include a summer day camp, play expression/therapy and various activities.

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Our Resources Stay Local


  • 84%Client Support and Outreach
  • 8%Administration
  • 8%Fundraising


  • 42%Contributions
  • 23%Special & Supporting Events
  • 24%Clinic Services
  • 4%United Way Allocations
  • 7%Other

Ways Our Help Inspires Hope

These life-changing programs are delivered by licensed social workers, registered oncology dietitians and a client activities manager.

*Statistics based on 2016 financial report

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It is Empowering to Ask for Help

Many patients, caregivers and survivors find that counseling can help them manage the complications that cancer presents in life. This is why we offer individual (of all ages), couples and/or family counseling. If you would like to make an appointment, please call us at 817-921-0653.