Shandreka’s Story

My husband Michale was diagnosed with stage 4 Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the head and neck in August of 2016. At the time we had no idea what to do or where to go for help. I had recently lost my job and money was extremely tight. All of my energy was focused on finding a new job when this hit us.

Like many people, we afraid that we couldn’t get the care needed to fight this. Fortunately for us, my husband still had his insurance and we were able to see an oncologist. At our first appointment, I was given several sheets of paper to sign and fill out information. The last one asked if I needed any assistance with information or financial help. Of course, at first I thought there was no way that we would get help but I filled it out anyway. A day later I got a call from a social worker at Cancer Care.

She probably doesn’t know this, but right before she called I was crying alone in my room not knowing if I was going to lose my mind and my husband of 20 years… one of the first things she asked if was I ok, I found it weird because I’m not the one with cancer, no one had asked me how I was doing. Somehow I think she knew I wasn’t and started feeding me with information. She got me in touch with dieticians to help me the nutrition needs and what I should do for him.

And then help started flooding from everywhere! We got to do things together as a family and a couple. From going to baseball games, and couple dinners to meeting new friends who could relate to us. Because of the help and information we received at cancer care our family survived this.

Thank you Cancer Care!!!

Shandreka Cornish
Cancer Care Services Caregiver