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Marisol's Story - Marisol Nunez and John Mosman are smilling at the camera.

Marisol’s Story

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Stories of Hope: Marisol’s Story

I was diagnosed with neuroblastoma as a toddler. I was tested with chemo, radiation, immunotherapy, and photon radiation. From the treatments, I got secondary leukemia, heart damage, ITP, anemia, kidney damage, bone and joint damage, a lazy eye, hearing damage, and many other complications. In my early 20’s I relapsed with leukemia. I never wanted to participate in any events and chose not to disclose my previous medical history.

After 5 years of marriage, my husband and I decided to seek a fertility specialist without success. A year later I became pregnant and went against medical advice and kept the pregnancy. It was extremely difficult and the delivery was worst. My child and I almost lost our lives. I was also told that I had a concerning MRI and continuous bleeding post-delivery. I returned to medical treatment where I was informed I had low-grade cancer in my center nervous system. It was a hard diagnosis, but being more actively involved in Cancer Care Services and a part of social groups has made the diagnosis easier.

I participated in the Camp Gold Retreat. It was my first time participating in an AYA (Adolescent and Young Adult) event. I was beyond excited and amazed at the close-knit group of young adults that had overcome so much. I also participated in the Chroma Services Ladies Night Out makeover. I loved the pampering! In June of 2018, my family and I attended the National Cancer Survivors Day event. It was an emotional celebration. I thank Cancer Care Services for the services and events I and my family have been able to participate in!

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