Caro poses for the video camera at Cancer Care Services during Caro's Story.

Caro’s Story

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Caro’s Story of Hope Transcript:

My mother was the executive director for 32 years. And I started in junior high– I started coming to Cancer Care and her office was in Peter Smith, in a closet. What I remember most is her talking about paying bills for patients and arranging transportation and medicines and things like that. It was a very hands-on thing. She would be absolutely blown away with the immense organization that it is today.

My best friend from Rockport called me and she said, “Oh my gosh, you’ve got to go get a mammogram.” She said, “I’ve just been diagnosed with breast cancer, and you have to go right now.” Lo and behold, I had breast cancer.

I volunteered all my life. My mother did as well. I’ve always thought about ‘Oh those people that I am volunteering for, we’re gonna help those people.’ Well, all of the sudden, I was one of ‘those people.’ I remember having lunch with Deanna and Melanie and they said, “Well, how are you doing?” and I said, “Oh man, I am great. I’m just having– I’m good– I’m finished. I feel great. [crying] I am just horrible.” Anyway, Deanna whipped out her card and she said, “We have people that can help.”

You know, they just connect– they connect people to other agencies and I know what they can do. There are so many nonprofits in the community, and this is one that really and truly helps people.

Transcribed by: Christina R.

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