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VelvetBox: Online Cancer & Sexual Health Course

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Sexual health is just as important as emotional and physical well-being. However, due to stigma and providers being shy around the subject, many people never discuss the side effects of cancer and treatment with their doctors.

VelvetBox has a variety of online courses that cover sexual health for men and women, along with a specific resource on How Cancer Affects Sex.

Many times, when something has changed (e.g., loss of a sexual organ, decreased testosterone levels), VelvetBox can provide suggestions and guides on how to explore what this change means, how you can adapt, and how to adjust if you are partnered.

Sexual intimacy and pleasure are built on people feeling safe and calm. Cancer tends to rob that from people. VelvetBox provides a safe, clean, accepting space for people to ask questions, process what they need, and seek sexual resources.

Where to find VelvetBox’s Sexual Health Resources:



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