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Luminaries: Free Wellness Kits for Cancer Survivors

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The mission of Luminaries is to enhance the well-being of cancer survivors by empowering survivors to navigate life after cancer diagnosis, primarily focusing on supporting those facing financial hardships and health equity disparities. Luminaries is grounded in neuroscience, positive psychology, and physiology.  

The physical headquarters is located at the Cancer Survivorship Institute of Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois. However, Luminaries will deliver best-in-class care to survivors’ doorsteps no matter where they live or received treatment. 

Cancer Survivor Services Provided by Luminaries  

Luminaries provides a yearlong wellness program with six free wellness kits, which are delivered every two months.  

Self-care health kits are tailored to individual needs and circumstances. Kits include science-backed tools designed to help manage the side effects and stress of cancer treatment. Typical items found in kits are physical health tools (such as nutrition guides, exercise aids, and skin care products), mental health resources (such as mindfulness practices, guided meditation, and counseling information), and financial and practical support (such as financial planning tools, resource lists, practical tips). 

Luminaries aims to fill the gap in survivorship care programs by providing ownable, analog tools supported by digital platforms, focusing on physical and mental health through 60-day action plans to help survivors get back on their feet. Luminaries uses a series of steps involving an attention, reward, and reinforcement loop.  

With engagement in learning and doing, survivors become excited and develop a positive growth mindset. In developing a positive mindset, Luminaries emphasizes the critical importance of Sleep and Rest, Gratitude, Hydration, Fuel, Breath and Focus, and Movement. 

Cancer Survivor Support Groups are available, as well as resources to aid other cancer survivor support groups and programs. 

An orange subscription box from Luminaries includes goodies and tools for cancer survivors.
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How to Receive Free Wellness Kits for Cancer Survivors:


Written by Louann Schulze

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