Cancer and college isn't impossible. Two boys sit on a bench together to work on college course work.

Cancer and College: Resources for College Students with Cancer

College is a time for people to learn new things, experience different circumstances, and reach their personal and professional goals. Many people who have or have had cancer go to college. Below is a list of resources for college students with cancer and maybe even get a little money to achieve their goal of going to college!

Resources for Cancer and College

Exploring accommodation options is one of the most important ways to help college students who are dealing with cancer. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, colleges and other higher education facilities must provide accommodations. Examples of accommodations are an extended time for testing and reduced course loads. Most universities have a specific office for processing these requests, and students should start speaking with them before the semester begins. Cancer and college can be confusing and difficult, so here is a list of support resources and financial aid that people who have or have had cancer may find helpful.

  1. Cancer for College – This organization provides various services, including connecting people with professionals in their potential field, quarterly educational events, and meet-ups. They also have information on several scholarships that you can apply for.
    Phone: 760-599-5096
  2. – This is a master list of scholarships for a very wide range of needs, including cancer. The link to the cancer scholarships is below!
  3. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia – This is a list of scholarships that you can apply for with various eligibility criteria.
    Phone: 267-426-0210
  4. Jude’s Together Teens & 20’s – This is another list of scholarships and databases that you can use to find financial aid whether you are currently or formerly in treatment for cancer.

The above resources are subject to the availability of funds and personnel. Please let us know if any of the resources listed are inaccurate, so we can provide the most up-to-date information to cancer patients and their families.

Cancer Care Services is here to help so that no one has to cope with cancer alone! Our team can help you find resources for your needs and determine if you are eligible for our assistance programs. Contact us today at 817-921-0653 or fill out the online form here!

-Written by Shawn Howard, LBSW

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