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Where to donate your wig or hair to help people with cancer

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Donating a wig or your hair can help a cancer patient facing hair loss gain confidence and comfort. We have put together a list of organizations to help you choose where to donate your wig or hair.

Choosing where to donate your wig or hair can be overwhelming with all the different options. We suggest to carefully review each organization’s requirements to determine the best fit for you!

What causes hair loss during cancer?

Certain chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapy, and hormonal therapy treatments may cause hair loss, which you can read more about in our Resource Post

Where can I donate wigs?

Texas Health Resources Women’s Boutique in Fort Worth accepts donated wigs. They carry wigs, camisoles, and other items intended to make cancer treatment a little easier.

  • Contact Person: Carolyn Bell
  • 817-250-1488
  • Located in the THR Hospital, Downtown Ft. Worth (Klabzuba Tower)

EBeauty has an online wig exchange program. Simply fill out their wig donation form and ship the wig to their office. Please keep in mind that EBeauty does not accept shampoo and other hair cleaning products, hair wraps, partial wigs, and wig heads. 

Where can I donate hair?

While Wigs and Wishes does not accept donated wigs, they do accept donated hair.

Hair Requirements:

  • 12″ or longer
  • braided
  • free of hair products

The Survivor Gals Cancer Boutique in the Joan Katz Cancer Resource Center at Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center – Fort Worth also accepts donated hair. They also have a location in Plano, TX.

Hair Requirements:

  • Hair must be at least 10″ long
  • Bleached hair cannot be used
  • Dyed or permed hair is acceptable
  • Must be bundled in a ponytail or braid

 Please call to schedule an appointment at 817-924-8800.

Where can I receive wigs?

In addition to the above organizations, check out our resource posts for organizations that provide wigs, head coverings, and cooling caps to cancer patients. Many of the organizations offer these items at free or reduced costs.

Why should I donate a wig or my hair?

Hair loss can be another challenge a patient has to face during cancer treatment. Your wig or hair donation can help a patient cope with the emotional and physical impact of cancer!


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