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Nick throws a frisbee to a young girl at the May 2021 Connect Night.

Music is the Sound of Laughter and Healing

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May 2021 Connect Night

Cancer Care Services’ Connect program brings people together so they can give and receive peer support. In addition to the social benefits (which reduce loneliness and isolation), we also incorporate therapeutic activities to build coping skills. Consequently, each Connect program is fun AND healing! So unsurprisingly, May’s Connect Night featured music, laughter – and a bit of a ruckus!

Children at the May 2021 Connect Night pick out their instruments.
May 2021 Connect Night

Nick, a new client who is a young adult, attended by himself and ended up at a table surrounded by five empty chairs. Megan, our Client Connection Manager (and social butterfly), never lets anyone sit alone! But while making her way over to Nick’s table, she realized he wasn’t there.

Instead, Nick had joined the kids in tossing a bright pink frisbee – and their smiles lit up the evening! The kids ran around, giggles filling the air, as Nick brought much-needed sunshine to the event (after a week of rain). Nick even blessed the parents by allowing them to enjoy a quick dinner without their kids.

Music Night inspired connections across all ages. Every client immersed themselves in music as they picked an emotion to add to the songs they sang. They later created their very own thunderstorm with their instruments!

Our volunteers warmly welcomed 32 individuals, including a new Spanish-speaking family! In the spirit of supporting a local business and neighbor, everyone was given a catered boxed meal from Carpenter’s.

“It was fun trying something new, and music night will definitely be back!” said Megan. She can’t wait for our next Connect event, so for information about attending or volunteering at future Connect Nights, please email Megan at Megan@CancerCareServices.org.

View our Event Calendar for upcoming Connect Nights!

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