Tracey Willingham at the 11th Gynecological Oncology Symposium.

From the Desk of Tracey Willingham

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From the Desk of…

Tracey Willingham

Cancer Care Services’ Vice President of Client Programs

Happy New Year! I’m Tracey Willingham, Vice President of Client Programs, and my Cancer Care Services journey began in 2010 as a Licensed Master Social Worker (prior to being hired, I was an intern). Thirteen years later, I proudly experienced opportunities that will help position Cancer Care as a leader in providing holistic cancer support services.

In 2023, I returned as a speaker for the annual Gynecological Oncology Symposium. I led an educational session for cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers. We delved into post-cancer life by discussing ways to embrace the “new normal,” effective communication tools, and normalizing physical and emotional changes after cancer. The “Caring for the New You” presentation included practical tools that Cancer Care’s social worker team uses to provide help and hope for our clients every day!

Tracey Willingham at the 11th Gynecological Oncology Symposium.
Tracey at the 11th Gynecological Oncology Symposium.

At the Future of Cancer Care Summit, held in Tampa, I was asked to moderate a panel on the CancerX/Moonshot initiative’s progress toward reducing financial distress caused by cancer treatment. Additionally, I was asked to speak as a subject matter expert on digital innovation in cancer care. I shared technology solutions and collaborative strategies that have led to Cancer Care’s success in improving oncology health challenges in Tarrant County.

Tracey Willingham at the Future of Cancer Care Summit.         Tracey Willingham moderating at the Future of Cancer Care Summit.

October marked the launch of Ignite Inner Wellness, my new business, which addresses frustrations expressed by women regarding overall health concerns in the community. As a certified women’s coach and menopause specialist, I’ll become a Women’s Health Hormone Coach in May 2024. Cancer Care is leveraging this knowledge to drive change in the healthcare system by focusing on cancer treatment’s impact on hormones, body image, and intimacy.

Cancer Care Services has earned its reputation as a pioneering community-led organization through substantial efforts. Our unique expertise is not just a label; it’s reflected in the countless lives we’ve touched and stories of impact we’ve witnessed. As we continue to teach, we also continue to learn—drawing inspiration and insights from the very community we serve.

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