How We Help

The Journey of Hope Program empowers cancer patients, caregivers, and survivors.

After talking with my social worker, I was no longer overwhelmed by my diagnosis.

Sheila S. - Client,

Through the Journey of Hope Program, Cancer Care Services focuses on supporting cancer patients, caring for caregivers and empowering survivors by guiding and teaching our clients through their journey with cancer.

No one should walk the journey of cancer alone. Cancer Care Services staff will guide you with individual attention to address barriers that matter to you. Knowing what questions to ask, what legal paperwork to prepare and understanding your rights as a patient.

We offer navigation assistance through finances, dealing with emotions, wellness, social connection and education to cancer patients, for little or no charge to clients in Tarrant County.

  • Financial Assistance for supportive items such as:
    • Medical supplies and equipment, supportive medications, transportation, health insurance premiums, nutritional supplements and other services (Must meet eligibility requirements)
  • Case management support to assist with:
    • Advance Directive Planning, budgeting and other forms of paperwork
    • Navigation for local and financial resources
  • Counseling for:
    • Individuals, children, teens, couples and families
    • Play therapy for children ages 6-12
  • Mind, Body and Spirit support such as:
    • Mindfulness meditation, gentle movement yoga, exercise classes, wellness activities, education classes and cancer massages.
  • Social connection support such as:
    • Activities for families, children, survivors, caregivers and cancer patients
    • Therapies utilizing music, art and more
    • Seasonal events
    • Peer mentorship support