The people who give to Cancer Care Services and the people who volunteer - I can't even begin to say thank you enough for what they've done for my family, and for me.

Mark Y., Caregiver

Contribute to Cancer Care Services

Supporters like you ensure the continuation of financial, emotional, and educational services to those impacted by cancer in our community. Because of you, our clients receive this support at no cost to them. Your Help = Hope.

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  • Matching Gifts
  • IRA QCD Distributions
  • Donor Advised Funds
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75 Members to Celebrate 75 Years

You can be the building block to provide a strong foundation for our neighbors impacted by cancer. A monthly donation can help a cancer patient access medication or transportation, provide counseling support to a caregiver, and bring laughter to a child whose mother is battling cancer.

Won’t you join us? Together, we can support every individual and family in our community impacted by cancer! #collectivelyunstoppable

A donation of $20 a month – the cost of 4 coffees a week – empowers you to be part of a collective group ensuring no one walks a cancer journey alone.

Our remarkably generous community houses many employers who will match any charitable contributions made by their employees. You could double your impact today!

A few companies that already provide matching gifts are:

Alcon, American Airlines, AT&T, Bank of America, BNSF, Carmax, EOG Resources, ExxonMobil,
General Electric, GM Financial, JPMorgan Chase, Justin Brands, Lockheed Martin, Merrill Lynch, PepsiCo, Starbucks Foundation, Textron, Walmart, and Wells Fargo.

For assistance enrolling in your employer’s matching gift program, please contact your employer’s HR department or Deanna Stuart, VP of Philanthropy, at

Your help = hope for those impacted by cancer!

Want to help those impacted by cancer and potentially receive a tax benefit? If you are at least 70½ years old, you can make a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) from your IRA of up to $100,000 per year. Amounts distributed as a QCD can be excluded from your taxable income.

A QCD has the following requirements:

  • You must be at least 70½ years old at the time you request a QCD.
  • For a QCD to count toward your current year’s Required Minimum Distributions (RMD), the funds must come out of your IRA by your RMD deadline, which is generally December 31.
  • Funds must be transferred directly from your IRA by requesting your IRA custodian to issue a check from your IRA payable to the charity. You can then request that the check be mailed to the charity or forward the check yourself. If a distribution check is made payable to you, the distribution would NOT qualify as a QCD and would be treated as taxable income.

For answers to specific questions about your personal accounts, please contact your financial advisor.

Thank you for supporting cancer patients, caregivers, and survivors!

You can ensure that no one has to cope with cancer alone by giving through a Donor-Advised Fund (DAF). A DAF is a charitable giving vehicle that allows donors to contribute, receive an immediate tax deduction, and recommend grants to their favorite charitable organizations – like Cancer Care Services!

How to give through a Donor-Advised Fund:

  1. Recommend a grant
  2. Set up recurring grants
  3. Name Cancer Care Services as the beneficiary of your DAF

If you would like to set up a DAF, you may contact AYCO Charitable Foundation, The Catholic Foundation, a Communities Foundation, Fidelity, Vanguard Charitable, or any other fiscal partner to get started.

For answers to specific questions about your personal accounts, please contact your financial advisor. For more information or to let us know you have contributed through your Donor-Advised Fund, please contact Laura Misuk, Director of Grants and Advocacy, at

Because of you, individuals impacted by cancer receive financial, emotional, and educational resources at no cost to the client.


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The ability to plan ahead is invaluable – in many ways.
Maximize the impact of your contribution by planning for it – and Cancer Care Services will do the same.

Please complete the form below to communicate the terms of the pledge you would like to make. (You may advance to the next field on the form below by pressing the TAB key.)

If you would like to speak to a Cancer Care Services staff member, please contact Becky Williams, Donor Engagement Manager, 817-921-0653.