Day: April 15, 2023

Darion’s Story

Darion and his daughter, mentioned in Darion's Story, take a seflie.

Darion’s Story of Hope Transcript:

My diagnosis with cancer was a big shock cause actually I was preparing to go on a cruise. So, I went on and went to this health club and they did a lab work on me. And they took three samples, and the first two came out really good. Then that third one, my doctor just said, “Your white blood cells are going off the chart here. We need to go and look at this further.” And that was pretty much when that happened with the cancer.

The young lady that I took to my 1978 prom, we were at Texas Oncology and we kept staring at each other, but not staring at each other cause we kinda knew who we were, but we didn’t know. And come find out, that was my friend, Ms. Eunice Baker. She introduced me to the Cancer Care, and it was so many other areas of that–that– that really just reached out with me.

Cancer Care has a Perry Mason, it’s in the body of Ms. Tamika. And she would sit back there and just dissect everything. She’d say, “Mr. Fields let me see your bills and this right here.” And it comes up that she navigated this whole system to where they actually found faults, the insurance. And I was actually almost like paying three policies.

She said, “Well this needs to be taken care of immediately. He’s not being able to get his insurance. He’s not being able to get prescriptions. And he has a daughter that is not covered because of the, you know, the neglect of what’s going on here.” But she was really great and looking at what I was going through personally with finances, something that I could get and have that would be affordable.

Everybody is friendly, and the first thing they say is, “How are you doing Mr. Fields? How was that weekend, or how was the holiday?” There was a couple of times I had to say I was pretty much homeless, and they went to bat. I mean, they came up and got me shelter and lots of things like that. I mean, things that you don’t even think about asking, they seemed like well, we need to check because if he–does he have food? Is he okay? What’s going on with his doctors? Are you staying in contact?

I really think it’s more than medicine when you’re on the road to recovering from cancer, and Cancer Care is a big part of that.

Hope, in my opinion, is when you have a great family, and I call Cancer Care my family.

Transcribed by: Christina R.