Shandriak’s Story

My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 head and neck cancer in September 2016.

At the time neither one of us had any idea what was ahead of us but we both knew that we were ready to fight.

During this same time, we suffered a job loss and had to figure out how we could get the best help for him and deal with the day to day expenses, at the same time.  Within a few days of our first visit with his oncologist, I received a call from Margarita at Cancer Care Services.  She had so much information for me! I would never have known about all of the options we had and the resources available to us through Cancer Care Services. With Margaritta’s help, I learned how to care for my husband’s needs and get him the nutrition supplements that were required for his treatment plan. I also knew exactly who to call if things got rough.

The staff at Cancer Care Services always kept up with our progress and gave us HOPE.  All of the special outings and dinners helped us to keep things as normal as possible for my family.

I could never thank Cancer Care Services enough.

Shandreka Cornish
Cancer Care Services Caregiver