Heroes of Hope

‘Heroes of Hope’ is the name given to tours of our program that highlight our purpose and mission.  Tours are offered at least twice a month and anyone who registers is welcome to attend.  Annually, we host a Heroes of Hope Luncheon.  You can learn more about both below…

I am a cancer survivor, my husband is a cancer survivor, and 2 of my 3 daughters have been diagnosed with cancer. So with me - this job is personal.

Melanie Wilson, CEO

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HOH Luncheon 2017: Thursday, November 9, 2017


See what our staff and community has to say about us!

“I came to Cancer Care Services two years ago looking to lead a life of purpose in the service of others. I remember the first day I walked through these doors, and a calm came over me — I knew I was in the right place.”
James Earl, Program Manager and Social Worker

“My client taught me the importance of our work here at Cancer Care Services. Not only did our financial services help him through his diagnosis, but we became the new family that walked the journey with him.”
Tracy Willingham, Program Director and Social Worker

“I began volunteering a few months after my father passed from cancer and now I am here working at Cancer Care Services. I remember my father and our journey and I often see myself in many of our clients. I make it a point to ask the caregivers how they are doing and I let them know I understand.”
Amanda Walker, Donor Relations Manager