Empowering Survivors

The Journey of Hope Program enables clients to COPE, THRIVE and CONNECT.

Never have I been blessed like this.

Patricia B.,

Empowering Survivors Page

Through the Journey of Hope Program, we support cancer patients, care for caregivers and empower survivors by teaching all clients to COPE, THRIVE and CONNECT to increase self-efficacy and quality of life.

Cancer Care Services acknowledges that “survivor” has a different meaning for everyone. Often, as a survivor, the level of fear and uncertainty that one experiences is equal to or greater than when an individual is first diagnosed with cancer. Cancer Care Services is here to help empower you, whether you are in remission, have a chronic diagnosis and/or are simply trying to find your “new normal”.

We offer navigation assisting with emotions, mind/body/spirit, social connection and education, free of charge, to survivors.

  • Case management support to assist with:
    • Advance Directive Planning, budgeting, and other form of paperwork
    • Navigation for local and national financial resources
  • Counseling for individuals, children, teens, couples, and families. Play therapy for children ages 6-12.
  • Mind, Body and Spirit support such as:
    • Mindfulness medication, gentle movement yoga, exercise classes, wellness activities, education classes and cancer massages.
  • Social connection support such as:
    • Activities for families, children, survivors, caregivers, cancer patients
    • Therapies using music, art, expressive arts and more
    • Seasonal events occurring once a year
    • Peer mentorship support